Every night, taxi drivers watch as hoards of people are booted out of clubs long before they are finished enjoying. People from many other cultures don't start visiting pubs bars and lounges before midnight, AND NOW MY CITY TELLS ME IT IS BROKE !  !

As a bar patron on my nights off, I find that I might drink a bit faster knowing the bar is going to close soon.

HELLO MADD!!  Any city that has a critical mass of public transit and hotel beds should not be forced to shut down its nightlife before the night is over!

Economic stimulus for San Francisco!

Retail closes too early because restaurants close too early. Restaurants close too early because bars close too early. That affects a lot of businesses! Many people prefer to see a show first, go to dinner second and go to a drinking establishment third.

What? Even less nightlife?

Peskin and the board have been working to strangle the North Beach nightlife the same way they strangled SOMA nightlife by prohibiting new bar licenses and letting existing licenses fade out. The soft economy is a major reason to increase nightlife, as people will say to themselves "I have no safe place to invest my money, I might as well invest in having fun!"

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In the 90s, I had tourist from around the world in my taxi riding around late at night asking me where to go for nightlife after 2 am. Even when the Euro had regained strength, I should have seen more international tourist in my taxi but I didn't.

Many locals get off work around or after midnight. We should not be denied a little fun after work. I have to decide between no shower after work for some bar time or a shower after work and no club time!

4 AM + last call:

This would benefit the entire nightlife experience. People can go to the show first,have a nice long dinner experience second, then go for drinks afterwards to continue celebrating life.

I have heard many restaurants say they don't stay open late because there isn't much demand for fine dining after 10 PM. People have given up on late night fine dining because they know the restaurants are closed after 10 and their bar is closing soon.

I hear a lot of visitors tell me that retail closes too early here. Once again, shoppers are rushing off to their early dinner before their early nightlife.

People could relax, knowing they won't be rushed out of the bar (many people would still leave at 12,1,2 or 3 AM and people would have more access to public transit.

Many people in San francisco like myself get off work around/after midnight. Wouldn't it be nice if we could celebrate life instead of crawling home after getting off work!

As this world gets more crowded,one way to relieve congetion is to stagger peoples schedule,letting the early birds do their thing and the night owls do their thing. Staggering work shifts will stagger play shifts and will ease the congestion of people doing the same thing at the same time.

San Francisco Late Night Coalition.

I recently heard that state Highway funding was tied to States enacting 2AM last call and age 21. Any city that provides abundant public transit and hotel beds must be allowed to party past 1:30 AM like they do in New York, Vegas and Europe.


People and ideas to help bring the party back. We potentially have a more receptive political climate. And a more urgent need to get the party started!

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2 AM last call:

You have to rush through dinner before the show in order to have drinks after the show. I have heard tourist describe this city as "The city that sleeps a lot". Lets do something about that before that reputation sticks.

At the bar: I notice that people are rushing the bartender and slamming drinks because 2 AM is around the corner,Then everyone is dumped on the street scrambling for scarce transportation at the same time.

I hear a few bartender/waitresses tell me that it means they would go home even later. I believe it would make their establishment so successful, they could hire some early birds to come in and take over late night service / cleanup, letting you go home earlier.